Get Nuff Nuff Data

Get Nuff Nuff Data vol 1

Welcome to the world of I Jahbar & Rooling Family!
We are on the outskirts of Spanish Town, Jamaica, on a jounrey to widen our understanding of Jamaican music. Some context:
In 2011 I Jahbar collaborated with a duo of California based experimental musicians, and his acrobatic performance on their track ‘Spy’, inspired the founding of a record label named Duppy Gun. Their music captivated me like nothing had before. It was difficult to frame, drawn towards an innovation in sound, while embodying some ancient energy. Duppy Gun has paved its own unique path in dancehall music ever since, showcasing the power of international creative collaborations, by linking Jamaican lyricists with producers from different parts of the world.
There’s a little family formed around those musical projects, of goodhearted, talented individuals. Led by a growing curiosity, I came to Jamaica, offering to create a visual aspect to the inventive dancehall movement. During 3 weeks of collaborating with I Jahbar, we worked on a shared vision of promoting the voices of emerging vocalists and documenting their creative spirit.

The feeling of being welcomed to step into an unfamiliar narrative inspired the creation of Get Nuff Nuff Data, examining the perceptions of ones belonging and idea of home. Through segments of monologues and conversations, nature and portrait photographs, the book portrays a bond between people and their surrounding land, what they seek to change or wish to cherish and preserve.
Get Nuff Nuff Data is dedicated to the simple lines that connect us all, each individual story exists as a universal one.
* Part of the book takes place right here, online. The UNPRINTABLE segments of the story. Get to book to get access to exclusive contect. Blessed Love.

Published by Koyo Waldorf
Designed by Matúš Hnáts
Printed by Tiskárna Helbich
500 copies, Swiss binding, 120 pages, 16x24cm
Printed on Fedrigoni 135gsm Symbol Tatami White


I Jahbar, DarkChild, Deskulling, Alexander West, Buddy Don, Fearless, RDL Shellah, Gaza G Sudden, Latty, Fully Brave, Solar Boss, Oki, Country, Oneisha, Mega Arctic & D Jackson.